Delivers what it promises.


Not the cheapest but still reasonable.


Ease of Use

Easy to use with good quality tutorials



Really good customer support (forum/email and phone)


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    Biggest Matched Betting community/forum on the internet
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    Constantly upgrading offers and software
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    Best quality tutorials


  • exclamation-circle
    Not the cheapest
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    Software/oddsmatcher not always 100%

SUMMARY: Profit Accumulator is for me the best Matched Betting subscription provider currently out there. Their odds matcher can be a little glitchy at times, but they make up for it by offering the best quality tutorials and ongoing support.

If you're interested in finding out why I recommend them, please enjoy my in depth tutorial below!

£17.99 Per Month/£150 Per Year - Free No Obligation Trial Available

So What Exactly Is Profit Accumulator?

Formed in 2013, Profit Accumulator (PA) is a monthly subscription service that walks you through, step by step, (with the aid of video tutorials and written instructions), how to make risk free money through Matched Betting.

profit accumulator review

PA has grown rapidly since it was founded and they now have their own offices in Nottingham's City Centre, a full customer support team, and over 20,000 Platinum members!

Why Pay For A Matched Betting Service At All?

Before joining PA I had never placed a bet in my life. I had no idea what a "Betting Exchange" was.. or what on earth I should place my bets on!

For me, and people like me, PA enabled you to quickly learn all of these things and more.

You do not need to pay for a matched betting service in order to take advantage of this amazing strategy, but having structure and guidance when you're new to matched betting is invaluable and tremendously shortens the learning curve.​

​Whether you wish to pay for a subscription service or not, I always suggest that people make use of Profit Accumulators Free Trial - It'll show you step by step everything you need to know in order to begin Matched Betting

​Whether you decide to become a Platinum member after that is up to you. But at least you've learned at this point what Matched Betting is all about, totally for FREE!

The Free Trial

The Free Trial is extremely quick and easy to sign up for:

All they ask for is a username, email, and password. No card information is taken and there is no time limit on the free trial.

I love this fact! There’s nothing worse than giving your card information for a free trial, then having to ring up and cancel when the free trial period runs out!

The trial consists of two offers with step by step instructions and tutorial videos. You should make around £40-45 from the free trial.

profit accumulators free trial


profit accumulator vs oddsmonkey
coral free bet offer
profit accumulator offers
profit accumulator review

I really like the free trial option because:

  • PA hold your hand through the entire process and make it very easy for you to learn and understand
  • You've now earned double the cost of one months membership!

Here's A Walkthrough of The Signup Process

Pricing (Monthly & Yearly)



No Minimum Contract

  • Earn up to £45
  • No Payment card required
  • Two Bookmaker Bonuses
  • Limited member area access
  • Basic Customer Support



No Minimum Contract

  • Earn Consistant Profits
  • 100+ Bookmaker bonuses
  • New offers uploaded everyday
  • Full member area access
  • Enhanced Customer Support

£17.99 / Month


No Minimum Contract

  • Earn Consistant Profits
  • 100+ Bookmaker bonuses
  • New offers uploaded everyday
  • Full member area access
  • Enhanced Customer Support

£ / Year

When I first joined PA the cost of membership was £14.99 per month. Shortly after joining this increased to £17.99.

Currently, monthly membership is still priced at £17.99. When you join PA you are locked in at that price. (I'm still only paying £14.99 per month, as that was the price when I joined!)

Despite the slight increase I still think this is a great price as this cost is easily recouped through the offers that PA provides.


The price may very well increase again in the future - Sign up now to be locked in at the current price, and start working towards your rewards/incentives now!

What's Included In Platinum Membership

There are over 100 sign up offers available to you as a Platinum Member.

Every offer has detailed step by step instructions and a video showing you how to complete it.

The offers are constantly updated with any new ones that become available, or, if any existing offers change, they are always kept up to date.

There is a direct link to the forum discussion on the offer which is very useful, especially if you have any questions.​

Plus, for the un-organised (such as myself!), the 'Mark As Complete' button is unbelievably helpful!

Every offer has this button. Once you've completed the offer, press this button and the offer will disappear from your 'incomplete' offers, into your 'completed' offers list!​... Very, very handy!

profit accumulator review

profit accumulator offers


  • ​Access to the Platinum Member Forum with over 20,000 members - This is the most VALUABLE asset on the web for Matched Betting
  • Over 100 Sign up offers with detailed instructions/videos on how to complete them
  • Casino & Bingo offers with detailed instructions/videos on how to complete them
  • Reload Offers which are updated daily
  • Oddsmatching Software + Calculator 
  • A customer service and support team to help you should you have any queries (with a VERY fast response rate)
  • Training modules to help you get the most out of Matched Betting (i.e 'How to make £2k per month')
  • An abundance of spreadsheets for keeping track of and generating profits
  • Did I mention the forum? Seriously.. It has the most comprehensive guides to Matched Betting I've ever seen.

The Sportsbook Sign-up Offers

These offers are where you'll begin your Matched Betting journey.

profit accumulator offers

The Sportsbook signup offers are for new customers, and can only be done once - You should make approximately £1,000 from these offers. They vary in difficulty, and time to complete, but they all have detailed instructions and videos on how to do so.

The simpler/easiest to complete offers are at the beginning, with the more advanced ones further down (by the time you get to the advanced offers, you should have a good understanding of Matched Betting).​

profit accumulators platinum member offers

Casino & Bingo Offers

There are other ways to make money aside from just free bets. Most bookmakers also have a casino and bingo section which also have some VERY lucrative offers.

These offers range from 100% risk free, to not risk free (the not risk free offers are clearly labeled).

PA go into great detail on how to get the most out of these offers. They are not as simple as sportsbook free bets and care must be taken when completing them.

So far I haven't seen any of matched betting service (free or paid) go into as much detail as Profit Accumulator do​ on how to complete these safely and effectively.

These offers can be extremely lucrative and can generate hundreds to even thousands in profit!​

DO NOT skip these offers!

I made £700.00 from just one Bingo offer!​

But one lucky member made £14,000!!

matched betting big win on casino offer
matched betting casino offer

Oddsmatching Software + Calculator

Never placed a bet? Not interested in Sports? No idea what to bet on? - No problem!

The oddsmatching software does the hard work for you. Just select which bookie you're using, and the software will generate a list of events to choose from​, tell you exactly what to bet on, and how much.

matched betting oddsmatcher and calculator software

The software is excellent - It updates every couple of minutes and tells you exactly what to bet on.

This is especially helpful when you're new to Matched Betting, or if you're not particularly clued up/interested in sports.

I relied on this software very heavily when I first started Matched Betting, and I've never encountered any issues with it.​ Not to mention... it's a MASSIVE time saver to have a large list of events to bet on presented to you in a split second.

PA constantly work to improve their software, and are currently testing the newest version of this software to make it the most competitive on the market.​

Profit Accumulator Platinum Member Forum

The forum is what makes PA superior to other Matched Betting providers out there.

THIS is largely what you're paying for when you sign up to PA, and why other services (free or paid), are unable to compare.

With over 20,000 platinum members the forum is constantly active with both Matched Betting newbies and veterans.

I've gained knowledge about Matched Betting from this forum, that just isn't available anywhere else. If you truly want to learn how to make significant amounts of money, then you need to surround yourself with people who are doing just this, and those people are here, in this forum, posting on a daily basis​

With such a large team of moderators​ and members, you will get an extremely quick response to any question you have to ask here.

how to make money matched betting
matched betting loopholes

Everything you've ever wanted to know about matched betting is here in this forum, and it's being discussed in great detail on a daily basis

For those who are aiming to make money on the higher end of the scale (£1-2,000 per month), the forum is where you should be spending your time.

Got a question regarding an offer? Want help with your ACCA? Keen to know how other matched bettors are making £2000 per month? It's ALL in here.

Seriously... do not skip over this gold mine of information!

Rewards/Incentive Programme

PA's incentive programme was recently introduced, and rewards members for their loyalty as a Platinum Member.

The rewards break down like this:


  • Reduction from £17.99 to £14.99 after 12 concurrent months


  • Free Platinum Plus upgrade after 18 months

As I've now been a member for two years (with no lapses in my membership), I get the ACCA and Match Catchers both for free! (I was already paying £14.99 per month)

Who doesn't love to be rewarded for being a loyal member? The ACCA and Match catchers honestly pay for themselves, but having them for free is a great bonus.

Having completed all of the sign-up offers I make the majority of my profits now using these software's (about £500-750 per month - depending on how much time I put into it)

Platinum Plus+ Membership (ACCA & Match Catcher)

My first time using the ACCA Catcher, I made £26! Here's a breakdown of how that happened, and the software:

Access to the ACCA/Match Catcher softwares comes with Platinum Plus Membership.

Platinum Plus membership isn't for newbies as it is designed to help you profit from Reload offers (Accumulator Refunds and Horse Racing Refunds).

Whilst the software makes these specific reload offers quicker and easier then ever before, it's not essential. If you're interested in learning more about this software then please check out my YouTube channel

I will be doing a full in-depth review of the software on this blog shortly.. but as a new member, you don't need to pay too much attention to this software.. Just know that it's awesome, and very profitable once you get to the reload offers!​


Profit Accumulator do have some competitors out there, but there's a reason Profit Accumulator have the biggest following. 

In fact the best way to conclude this Profit Accumulator Review would be to list the things I've been able to do and buy with my profits from PA:

  • 18 night, all inclusive 5* wedding/honeymoon in Mexico
  • Paid off all credit card/loan debt
  • ...and In 2017 I'll be using my earnings to begin investing & generating even more money!

It's safe to say I recommend PA 100% , and as cheesy as it sounds, it's genuinely changed my life.

I've been a Platinum Member since February 2015, made thousands of pounds, and I don't plan on quitting my membership any time soon. 

Give the Free Trial a go and see for yourself.... The worst that can happen is you'll be £40 richer!

The Good Stuff:
  • Free Trial Available (which you can earn £45 from), and has no time limit
  • The Forum is INCREDIBLE - PA have the largest community of any Matched Betting provider
  • Continuously working on ways to improve their service by making Matched Betting quicker and easier than ever before
  • The software PA provide is second to none
The Bad Stuff:
  • ...I genuinely haven't had any problems with PA in the two+ years that I've now been a member
Profit accumulator review 2017

Start Your Free Trial Now

Check PA out for yourself and earn £45 today!

Do you have any questions regarding Profit Accumulator or Matched Betting? - Ask below!