matched betting multi accounting

Multi-Accounting Tutorial – How to Matched Bet With Multiple Accounts

What is Multi-Accounting? (AKA Gnoming)

‘Multi-Accounting’ is having more than one account with the same bookmaker.

matched betting multi accounting

I personally have 3 accounts with each bookmaker. One under my name, and two accounts under family members names.

The Benefits of Multi-Accounting?

The main benefit is being able to attack the same offer, multiple times.

An offer worth £10 to someone with one account, is worth £30 to me as I’m able to do it on 3 different accounts.

As you’ve probably guessed, this makes it far easier to earn considerable amounts of money through Matched Betting.

The signup offers alone on Profit Accumulator are worth around £2000, and I’ve been able to do them three times over! As well as the long term benefit of being able to do the same reload offer multiple times.

The second benefit is that if we are unfortunate enough to have one of our accounts restricted, we still have the use of that bookmaker through one of our other accounts.

What Risks Come With Matched Betting With Multiple Accounts?

As you can imagine Multi-Accounting does come risk and I wouldn’t recommend Multi-Accounting if you are new to Matched Betting or until you have completed most of the signup offers.

Multi-Accounting is a clear violation of a bookmaker’s terms and conditions and If you don’t have the documents and criteria I set out in this article in place, then you are at risk of having your accounts closed, and any money in them potentially withheld.

How To Matched Bet With Multiple Accounts

Firstly you’ll need the permission of someone you know to let you Matched Bet under their name, this can be anyone, a relative or a friend.. preferably someone you trust! 

Nothing between your accounts should be connected in any way -You need to look like two entirely different people.


  • Separate Addresses

Some Bookies are what's known as 'Partner Friendly', meaning that you and your significant other can sign up to the same bookie under the same address and both take advantage of their offers (but not many allow this).

The person whose name you’ll be Matched Betting under will therefore need to have a different address to yours.

  • Separate Bank Accounts

You will need to get this person to set up a new bank account under their name, but which you have control over, and have possession of the Debit Card. 

Essentially this will be your bank account as you’ll be the only person with access to it, making all the deposits and withdrawals, (it just won’t be in your name).

  • Separate IP Addresses

If you were to log onto each of your accounts with the same Wi-Fi connection, then the bookie will see that those accounts are logging on under the same IP Address.

​This will flag to them that these accounts are being operated by the same person, and your accounts will be shut down.

The way I get around this is by using a VPN. Using a VPN is an inexpensive and safe way of changing your IP Address

    Verification – If a bookie requests you to verify your account (and they certainly will at some point), you will need:

    • A scanned copy of their photo ID. (Their Passport/driving licence for example).

    • A recent copy of a utility bill or bank statement to verify their address.

    • Scanned copies of the Debit card used to deposit (you should have ownership of the Debit Card anyway, so that isn’t a problem).

    Failure to not meet all of the above criteria will eventually result in your account(s) being shut down.

    Still Have Questions?..

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