All your Frequently Asked Matched Betting Questions answered in this Matched Betting Guide​

Matched Betting Guide


Matched Betting is a risk free technique used to extract guaranteed profit from the free bets and bonuses that bookmakers offer.

matched betting guide

Each Bookmaker has their own special ‘sign-up’ promotion.

They’re a bookies way of enticing you to sign up to their website and begin spending your money with them.

With Matched Betting, we use these offers to make profit with no risk, then withdraw the money direct to our bank account.

Is There An Easy Way To Learn Matched Betting?

Yes! Simply go to Profit Accumulator and click on the 'Free Trial' button.

  • It's 100% Free
  • Only your email is required to sign up (no card info required)
  • There are step by step written and video instructions
  • You'll make £40-45 from the Free Trial

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Is Matched Betting Gambling?

Let’s define Gambling:

  • Playing games of chance for money
  • Taking risky action in the hope of a desired result

With Matched Betting we cover all outcomes of an event.

This is why Matched Betting is 100% risk free, and not considered gambling.

matched betting guide


If we were to bet on Arsenal vs. Man Utd, with Matched Betting we would bet on Arsenal winning, Arsenal losing, and the draw.

Therefore no matter the outcome of the match, we are guaranteed to make a profit


Matched Betting has been around for years. It certainly isn’t a scam, or ‘too good to be true’.

In fact is has been endorsed by many well known/respected publications.

[Click the images to read the relevant article]

Reading these articles should assure you that this is not a scam, and that real genuine risk free money can be made from Matched Betting.

matched betting guide
matched betting
matched betting guide


Matched Betting is 100% risk free if you do it correctly

It is risk free because we bet on all possible outcomes of an event, therefore the outcome of the event doesn’t matter.

Providing you enter the correct information into the online calculator (which is a very simple process), you are never at risk of losing money.

One of the reasons why I encourage people to use Profit Accumulator is that they provide step by step instructions and videos showing you how to complete every offer in order to maximize profit, and completely negate any risk.

All you have to do is follow the instructions.


Yes! It’s 100% Legal!

As you might have guessed after reading the above articles, these major brands would not recommend you doing anything illegal to make money. 

Graham Sharpe, from William Hill has even been quoted on it being completely legal

is matched betting legal
Graham Sharpe William Hill

There's no illegal element. It's a free bet and you can do what you like.

How Do I Start Making Money Today?

There are a few options available, but as a new Matched Bettor I recommend starting with Profit Accumulators Free Trial.. Just so you can get the jist. 

As a free trial member you can refer back to their tutorial videos and training articles ​as much as you need to.

Once you’ve complete the free trial you can either sign up for monthly membership, or, you’re free to walk away and continue on your own. But at this point you’ve gotten a great little taster on how to make money, totally free of charge!

Who is Matched Betting For? Will It Work For Me?

Provided you follow the instructions provided, and you are 18 years or older then Matched Betting will definitely work for you.

It’s perfect for everyone:

  • Students
  • Full or Part-time Workers
  • Unemployed
  • Stay at home parents
  • Retirees

...It really doesn’t matter! Absolutely anyone can benefit from these strategies.

Do you have any questions not covered in this matched betting guide? Comment with them below and I'd be happy to answer them!

You can also find out further information, such as reviews and income reports on my Matched Betting Blog​

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