Matched Bets Review

Matched Bets Review 2018 – What’s Good and What Sucks!

Matched Bets Review

Welcome to this in depth review of Matched Bets. This review will break down all of the features included in a monthly subscription and how Matched Bets compare to other providers on the market.

 Unlike other sites there will be no bias in this review... I simply wish to provide an honest breakdown and all of the pro’s and con’s.

There are now several companies offering monthly matched betting subscriptions and this review is written to help you decide if they are worth making your monthly matched betting provider of choice.



Delivers what it promises.


One of the cheapest, but not the best value (see review)


Ease of Use

Instructions are detailed but lots of scrolling around is involved. The layout of the site is a bit clunky.



Customer support is available via email and a community forum.


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    Slightly cheaper than Profit Accumulator & Oddsmonkey
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    Detailed Instructional's


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    Inactive Forum
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    Not great value for money 

SUMMARY: Matched Bets offer a fairly good service for the beginner matched bettor. If the use of a support team and community aren't important to you - And price is of a concern than they are worth looking in to. Unfortunately they just don't provide for the intermediate to advanced matched bettor, in comparison to Profit Accumulator or Oddsmonkey.

If you're interested in finding out more about then why not start a free trial? Otherwise, please enjoy my in depth review below!

£14.00 Per Month/£r Year - Free No Obligation Trial Available

Matched Bets VS Profit Accumulator VS Oddsmonkey

Oddsmatching Software




Accumulator Refund Software


Customer Support

Email / Telephone


Horse Refund Software


Price (Per Month/Year)

£14.00 / £99.00

£17.99 / £150.00

£15.00 / £150.00

Offers and Instructions

Each offer has written instructions on how to complete it. The instructions are pretty easy to follow, are very detailed and are broken down into sections for you:

matched bets

Anyone new to matched betting might like the length of details in the instructions. Personally I prefer slightly more condensed instructions (the less scrolling up and down the page I have to do then the better!).

The written instructions tend to be quite spaced out so when completing these on my Macbook Pro I found myself having to do a lot of scrolling up and down to read the entire set of instructions.

The calculator even takes up more than the full length of my screen! Is there any need for it to be this big?:

matched bets calculator
matched bets calculator

General Site Layout & Navigation 

I’ll be blunt. I don’t like the site layout and I have found it more confusing to navigate than it should be.

There seems to be so much going on with each page that it just feels way too messy, and this makes it hard to navigate.

Perhaps this is more of a personal gripe, perhaps not. But I feel like Matched Bets looks like more of a personal blog than a business. 

It doesn’t seem to have the flair that Oddsmonkey or Profit Accumulator have. I much prefer their minimal/sleek designs, not just for the aesthetic aspect, but their sites are just a lot simpler to navigate around the offers...

matched bet offers
Profit Accumulator Offers
Oddsmonkey Offers

Matched Bets Forum

Matched Bets have a forum much like Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey both do.

Whilst PA’s and OM’s forum are closed to anyone except monthly paying members, a portion of Matched Bets forum is open to everyone.

I really love that part of the forum is free to all – It provides a good platform to ask questions, as many newbie’s to matched betting like to do. The only problem is.. the forum is totally inactive. Even the section that’s for members only is relatively dead.

For me personally one of the best things about PA is they have a VERY active community, which personally I’ve found vital in growing and learning matched betting. It’s one of the biggest selling points for me.

I’m not sure what Matched Bets are doing about the inactive forum.. or whether they feel it’s even an issue, but for me.. it kinda is. Most of what I know about matched betting has come from reading and posting within an active community.

I really hope they try and do something to up the engagement in the forum. Words can't describe how helpful and insightful the Matched Betting Community is.

Every offer in MB’s offer section links to a dedicated thread discussing that offer in the forum.. the forum does have moderators, so you should get a response, but there isn’t much discussion happening.

I recently decided NOT to complete a particular reload offer on PA because there were so many comments from people on the forum indicating that they’d had trouble completing the offer.

If I’m ever sceptical of whether an offer is worth completing I always, without fail, check the forum before deciding on whether to attempt it or not... Not having this kind of insight on MB’s forum is a bit of a problem for me.

ACCA Backers (Accumulator Refund Software)

Included in the monthly subscription is 'ACCA Backers'. Now.. I don't want to spend much time on reviewing this software because, well... I hate it.

The software looks clunky and like it was styled in WordPress. It functions OK however it doesn't offer the same functionality that PA's Acca Matcher offers (you can't update match results), and quite frankly... it's ugly and confusing.

PA's version is very much - open it up and away you go - Very easy and intuitive to navigate. MB's... Not so much.

I couldn't possibly recommend MB's software over PA's - It takes up far too much room on the page, is too confusing to navigate and it offers significantly fewer search results to choose from.

Look at the difference in quality between the two:

Matched Bets ACCA Backers
Profit Accumulator ACCA Matcher

Yep.. 'nuff said.


Matched Bets are newer than PA and OM and have a lot of growing to do if they want to compete.

Of course, more competition for PA/OM can ONLY be a good thing for us, the consumer.

Having multiple providers out there forces these companies to try and compete with each other in terms of price/software etc.. and we are the ones who benefit from this at the end of the day.

My main issue with MB is the price. Their price point basically has them competing directly with PA and OM... but when compared to the big two, MB just doesn’t offer the same quality/service to justify this.

I would love to see MB step up their game when it comes to the inactive forum, having an active forum is a very powerful tool but it just doesn’t seem to be their priority.

Aside from price the quality of the sites layout and navigation isn’t something that I personally like, for me it looks too much like a personal blog. The next person might love the look and feel of the site. (It’s more of a personal thing).

I do not recommend this site for anyone who has completed most/or all of the sign up offers. Once you get to doing reload offers you are far better off paying ever so slightly more and using superior providers.

I think Matched Bets is fine for a complete matched betting beginner, and can quite easily be used to navigate beginner matched betting offers.

But, on the whole until MB begin to compete with PA/OM in terms of quality site/layout/software/video tutorials, it’s worth signing up to their competitors instead.

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